About me

Growing up I loved being creative however this was never something that I thought of taking any further than my sketchbook and odd pieces of paper that I doodled on around the house. It wasn’t until our wedding planning process that I was introduced to the creative world of calligraphy and handletting and I fell in love. It was during those months that I taught myself the art of modern calligraphy and my heart has never been happier. I went on to create our wedding logo, the ‘save the dates’ invitations, a few calligraphy handlettered boards, floral wreaths and floral runners. When it all came together, not only was it all exactly as I had dreamed it would be, it also ignite such a creative passion in me that I so wanted to share it with others.

It was through this that Gracefully Written was born! (yay!) Instagram has become my space to share what my hands and heart create. This website is my little space on the internet where you can get to know me and explore some of the things that I have to offer.

This is the start of a journey that would not be if it was not for my supportive and amazing husband, who is always the first person to give me a ‘Like’; my sister who always encourages me to share my photos and my friends and family who want a little piece of my handlettering.

I welcome you to this space, feel free to pop me a mail and lets see what I can do to bring your wedding and creative dreams to life (as long as there is hand lettering involved.)